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Why should you send her aesthetically pleasing gifts?


aesthetically gift box photos with candle bath salt fancy matches and beauty booster

How often do we  stop and admire the aesthetics of a chair, a building, or your beautiful home decor? While it’s not uncommon to admire the beauty of art and other objects when visiting an art museum, we often take everyday aesthetics for granted. But we shouldn’t, especially with the increasing time spent home, here’s why. Aesthetics make us happy. On an emotional level they elicit feelings of happiness and calm. They connect us to our ability to reflect on and appreciate the world around us which in turn gives us feelings of contentment and hope.

Beauty Happiness Connection

It is often believed that things like success, money and a prestigious career can make us happy. However, recent studies shown that that people’s happiness can be contributed to living in an aesthetically pleasing city or houses.The things they are surrounded by in their daily environment had the greatest effect on their happiness including – home decor, green spaces, beautiful architecture, etc.

Most of the time our perception of beauty produces feelings we associate with happiness – like calmness, appreciation, reflection and hope. So in essence, experiencing beauty alters our emotions and makes us feel happier.

Our aesthetic sensibilities often start with something small like admiring the color of a flower or appreciating a delicious meal. However, just because these things can be perceived as simple and superficial, they shouldn’t be taken lightly.  These simple things can determine our state of happiness.

Ways to Improve Our Aesthetic Sensibility

So how can we improve our aesthetic sensibilities and not take for granted the many opportunities for appreciating beauty in our everyday lives? Below I’ve listed out some tips that we can practice to develop our sense of aesthetics.

  • Appreciate Beauty All Around You
  • Enjoy All Forms of Art
  • Admire the Beauty in Yourself & Others
  • Reject the Unnecessary
  • Create Ambiance
  • Self Development

Aesthetically pleasing gift boxes for women

Aesthetically pleasing gift boxes 

If she’s a lover of beautiful products then you’ve come in the right place. We’ve designed our thoughtful gift boxes with her in mind. Thinking of how  happiness and calmness some beautiful and qualitative products can bring into her life. 

Monday morning thoughtful gift box with coffee and chocolate

One of our most loved pamper hamper especially curated for aesthetic women is:

Monday Morning which is a mindful gift box that  is designed to give her a wonderful morning routine.  The delicios and aesthetic pink coffee tin combined with the perfect lavender COCOlate are a great way to start the day. The creative kindness prompt cards that can be used every morning. The mint OH MY GUM! practical and aesthetic gum box that will go perfectly with all her bags. All of those carefully chosen product are wonderfully packed in a white lush gift box that is accompanied with a white silky ribbon which makes a wonderful gift for all the aesthetic lover.