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6 Sustainable & Zero Waste Christmas Gift Ideas

It’s that time of the year again! Cold weather, good food and lots of shopping. I mean, Christmas is just around the corner. We know buying presents is sometimes frustrating and time consuming, especially with an ever-increasing noise of available products even more if you’re trying to be conscious and thoughtful in your gifting.

Most people tend to buy gifts that people don’t even use after opening them just for the sake of giving something. If you don’t like shopping, you barely shop something for yourself, shopping for others feels even harder and usually you end up giving some random gifts people rather forget about them.

That’s why we’re here to help you be near the ones you love, no matter the distance. A gesture of kindness, a loving sign of affection is all it takes for seconds to become memories. We’ll take care of all the hassle that comes with finding the perfect gifts! Let us dream them up, research them, package them perfectly and neatly while you sit back and relax.

Here are our top 6 zero waste & sustainable Christmas gift ideas!

Monday Morning Gift Box

It’s time to redefine Monday mornings! From now on they are about new beginnings, exciting adventures, sweet creativity and endless possibilities! That’s why we’ve created this experience, to get you in the right mindset and give your morning a well deserved boost. Perfect gift for birthdays, thank you’s, or as a Christmas present, Monday Morning gift box is sure to inspire moments of motivation.

Peacefully Green Gift Box

Let yourself be guided by the colour green. Let it fully open your heart for all the nurturing experiences that are going to come. Feel the attention the universe gives you through a little thing called life. The freshness nature of this Peacefully Green gift box makes it the perfect Christmas gift, sympathy, thank you, or birthday gift.

 Know Yourself Gift Box

Know Yourself is a beautifully crafted gift box which instils a sense of tranquility over one’s day. It creates space for the habit of self-love to flourish by entertaining all your senses. The perfect gift for Christmas, birthdays, or just “thinking of you” reminders, this box is sure to inspire a moment of relaxation.

Ocean Blue Gift Box

We know how important is to have a restful sleep in order to be productive and refreshed the next day. That’s why we designed the Ocean Blue Gift Box which is a thoughtful reminder to pause for a few moments of calm and relax. This is the perfect gift box to place under the Christmas tree.

Love Your Skin Gift Box

If she’s a pink lover this gift box is for her. Love Your Skin is one of our most loved gift boxes. A delicate gift, designed for daily use with natural products that promote beautiful skin. The perfect gift for Christmas, birthdays, or just “thinking of you” reminders, this box is sure to inspire a moment of self love.

Kindness Gift Box

We are all interested in being kind, that’s why we designed the Box of Kindness which promotes a mindful experience as well as a healthy morning routine. Designed as a thoughtful reminder to pause for a few moments to drink a cup of tea and meditate. This is a perfect gift box for Christmas for anyone who love to relax with an introspective twist.

Make it a special Christmas this year.

Thoughtful Christmas gifts that they’ll always remember. Take the hassle out of Christmas with a gift box full of surprises! Choose from our range of curated boxes and make it extra special by adding your personal touches.


We’re passionate about creating special moments, in love with design, hungry for uniqueness, care for our environment and definitely serious about creating the perfect pampering gifts.