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About time...

I think it’s time we had a discussion about time (pardon the pun). Time is your most precious resource. That’s a cliche, and one that’s as true as any. Whatever you do in life you can never buy back time, and it only flows one way. So learn to use it wisely and mindfully.
Can you imagine how much time you generally spend on browsing shops for gifts? Maybe you don’t keep track of it, but consider this typical buyer’s journey which I’ve found myself countless of times in.  You’re trying to come up with an idea, thinking about which shops to shop from, choose from the thousands of different products available, the uncertainty of “maybe this product isn’t that good?” then comes the tedious wrapping and finally the sending. Oh and don’t forget the greeting card.
Just thinking about it and it gets my palms sweaty. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was one place that created beautiful gifts? Unique ones? Gifts you can literally just order to someone’s door. Gifts that have that special something in them (that lil’ something). And that’s where we come in.

We’re passionate about creating special moments, in love with design, hungry for uniqueness, care for our environment and definitely serious about creating the perfect gifts. Our gifts are meant to save you time and give you a hassle free experience to gift giving! As it should be.