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Meet The Founder of Lil' Something


Hello there and thank you for passing by. Wanted to personally introduce myself and say a few words about myself and why Lil’ Something exists.

I used to burn myself out while working on lots of different projects and wasn’t truly thinking about my needs. I never gave myself permission to enjoy some “me time” without felling guilty. One day, I’ve had enough and I wanted to take responsibility for my own happiness and make changes in my life to start taking care of myself.

I’ve been embarked on my self love journey for a while now and I learned what it truly means to love oneself. This is what inspired me to create Lil’ Something. To empower and inspire others by helping them focus on their wellness and self love.


Self love is the most empowering, freeing and nurturing act, because when you truly love yourself, you know deep down that you are enough. You begin to take chances, live boldly and embrace your authenticity.

This is one of the main reasons self-care is at the basis of every single gift box I created. I hope you’ll join me on my self-care journey and spread the benefits that self-care can have to all your loved ones.


self care gift boxes in a square white luxurious gift box


Our gift boxes are more than just sustainable and beautiful, they offer a transformational experience. A way to guide you on how to practice a more self compassionate, fulfilling and intentional life - the life you were born to live. By gifting your loved ones a Lil’ Something gift box, they’ll be receiving a transformational experience.





bridge the gab between people with a self care gift box