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Top 3 things to know when buying a Father’s Day gift

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Father’s Day is coming up here in the UK and if you’re like most of us, you’re probably scrambling for gift ideas. It’s so hard to find gifts because most of the time it looks like he never seems to need anything, making it all the more frustrating to find something he’ll appreciate!

If you’re one of the lucky few that knows what your father wants then save this article for later (pretty sure you’ll need it in a couple of months) and go ahead and buy it! If you don’t then this is where we step in and help you out.

Why does he never want anything?

Most of the time, father’s never really want anything as a gift. To us, it looks like they have everything they need which sometimes can get frustrating especially when you want to show your appreciation by buying a gift.

It’s not because you don’t know your dad well enough, it’s because he seems so self reliant in a lot of ways (let’s not forget how hopeless your mum makes him look sometimes). The catch is, he is self reliant by the very nature of being a man. Before we dive a bit deeper we just want to point out that these are generalisations which may or may not apply to your case.

In his book “Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus”, John Gray notes how men have the “Mr. Fix It” brain. They try to find answers and fix everything themselves. It is a source of natural pride. This explains why they sometimes lose their cool when anyone in the family asks: “are we lost?”(when wondering aimlessly without a GPS through a town) or suggest where to park.

So an important first thing to keep in mind when buying a gift is how much does that gift empower or undermine that mentality.

A trip down memory lane

Searching through the memories of your childhood you’ll notice that father’s have this innate power of transforming the ordinary intro extraordinary. Remember how he truly made you feel like a princess by placing that tiara on your head and bowing “magnanimously”? Maybe the bravest knight in existence when he crafted you the wooden sword? Or those walks in the woods, where he was your friend and mentor? Or any skill that he taught you such as riding a bike, singing, rowing or even barbecuing?

A second thing to keep in mind is that fathers can be great story tellers. It’s through their actions and experiences that they create a world with you in it’s centre, so a gift should keep that in mind as well.

Father’s Nowadays

Nowadays fathers have developed this sage like way of offering insight even into our personal problems. I find it amazing when I call my dad from time to time and ask about some personal frustration I’m having at the moment and he manages to bring so much clarity and support. It’s such a “wow” moment filled with deep appreciation which makes me grateful to have someone I can rely on at anytime.

Our third point to keep in mind is that some father may be chatty, others less so. They do however appreciate the need to be relied upon and having open and honest communication. A great way to have that communication is a card with a lil’ something more than just “Happy Birthday”. Maybe a sentence or two that drives a bit of meaning?

Saying Thank you

The roles fathers play in a family is currently a hot topic in research. Believe it or not, not many studies have been done on their importance (mother’s have held the spotlight up until now and for good reasons!). As our modern society starts asking more and more from dads and researches such as these show how vital their role is, it’s important to not forget to say thank you.

Our way of saying thank you to all the father’s in the world is to design gift boxes that respect those 3 key things mentioned above:


That’s why we’ve selected our top 3 gift boxes to save you time and make him happy:

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